Welcome to The Crimson Wick - a candle company

Hello and welcome to the first blog post of The Crimson Wick. My name is S. Miller and I am the owner and creator of The Crimson Wick a candle company. 

I started making candles about four years ago. It really just started as a hobby and to just have something to do. I also, like a lot of people, suffer from allergies, so I have to be careful of materials in my candles. 

So, orignally I just made candles just to make them. I would experiement with color and fragrance and at that point really had no idea what I was doing. I did purchase a book that kinda walked you through the process and honestly, I spot read it. 

A few years later and a far more dollars spent on other companies candles, I decided to start making my own. There were several reasons behind my decision. 

1. I wanted to be comfortable with the materials that were used to make my candles. 

2. I wanted to be able to provide a healthier choice of candles for not only myself but friends, family and other people that are concerned about healthier choices.

3. I wanted to create a brand that was not only a business, but a business that cared about the product and the health of the consumer.

So with these thoughts The Crimson Wick a candle company was born.  

As you follow my journey, I will take you through my start up, sales and learning how to navigate the business world as a small business owner to become successful.